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Online and interactive training that draws on a variety of educational approaches

Self-directed modules, scenarios, quizzes, scenarios, real-life stories and anecdotes, sub-group workshops, discussions with experts.

Putting the safety of travellers at the heart of your concerns


Provide access to training when and where it is most appropriate, provide comprehensive training, use training experts and free up internal resources.



The advantages of a subscription to our Campus + :


Personalized training course

Access to content for one year

Free additional training

Our Training Offer:

Travellers' Safety

Develop th right reflexes to travel safely
75 min.

Travellers' Health

Develop the knowledge to travel healthy
45 min.

Cultural Adaptation for Travellers

Develop an understanding of interculturalism to optmize an international experience
45 min.

Safely accompany groups

Improve your skills to better ensure group safety
Blended learning | Self-directed (1h30) + live session (1h30)

Crisis Management

React effectively by way of a crisis management cell
Blended learning | Self-directed (45min) + live session (2h30)

Crisis Management Evaluation

Self-directed (1h15)
Self-directed (1h15)

Organizational Obligations

Implement best practices to protect travellers
Self-directed (1h15)

Crisis Simulation

Optimize the crisis cell to ensure efficient crisis management
Live session (2h)

Intervening during a Crisis

Effectively intervening with individuals affected by a crisis
Blended learning | Self-directed (1h30) + 2 Live sessions (2h and 1h30)

Mental Health

Equip yourself to intervene appropriately with travellers
Blended learning | Self-directed (1h45) + Live session (2h00)

Sexual Violence

Improve the organizaton's pratices to better respond to sexual violence
Blended learning | Self-directed (2h) + live session (1h30)

Webinar offer

Many organizations such as CBIE, IFCU, Spur Change or AQOCI have called on Aléas to develop one or a series of webinars. Here are some examples of our achievements:

– Legal obligations of organizations

– Importance of a debriefing following a crisis

– Quickly adjust your contingency plan: COVID-19

Tailor-made training in your image

Our experience in international mobility, combined with our expertise in technopedagogy, makes Aléas the ideal partner to develop content adapted to your organization.