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Mobility risk management is a shared responsibility between the organization and the individual traveller. This is why Aléas Tech puts individuals at the heart of the process.

Aléas Tech provides you with high-performance technological tools adapted to your needs:


Risk Analysis Solution – Automated Travel Approval process – Traveler’s Registry – Mobile Application for Emergency Monitoring and Communication

Traveller and Risk Analysis Register...


A digital registry and a platform to analyze the risks of a stay

Foresight is a digital traveller registry. It allows to know who is travelling, when and where.

The platform puts travellers at the heart of their stay’s risk analysis. It empowers them to identify and analyze travel-related threats based on their profile, destination and planned activities.

Foresight is also an automated and customizable travel approval process easy to integrate. An acceptable risk threshold for travellers is set at the time of implementation.

Foresight takes into account the threats at destination (crime, terrorism, disease), the planned activities (remote area, risky sports, handling of hazardous materials) and the individual’s vulnerabilities (gender, ethnicity, pre-existing conditions).

Be diligent despite high travel volumes and a wide variety of destinations. With Foresight, systematically analyze risks to ensure your travellers’ safety.

Geolocate your travellers to intervene in case of emergency...


Find out where your travellers are and make it easier for them to access the information and assistance they need to travel safely.


The Travel Navigator is a geolocation-based mobile application that monitors the security context around the world and alerts your travellers to potential risky events.

It is an excellent source of information. All countries are well documented (culture, politics, health conditions, diseases, etc.). It also includes recommended clinics, hospitals and emergency numbers (local authorities, consulate, embassy, etc.). This constantly updated information is available at all times to both managers and travellers.

On its dashboard, the Travel Navigator shows the location of people on the move. With its check-in feature, it allows travellers to confirm that they are safe. In the event of an emergency, the Travel Navigator is a reliable and effective communication tool to assist them.

Experts ready to help you 24/7 in case of emergency...

The Aléas 24/7 Helpline.


Give yourself peace of mind! Our 24/7 Helpline gives you access to Aléas responders at any time. Our team of experts will advise your loved ones in distress and mobilize your in-house team to handle the situation when necessary. The Aléas 24/7 Helpline can be integrated to the Travel Navigator mobile app.