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Tom Gauvreau

Tom has over twenty years of military experience in the Canadian Armed Forces where he is still active as a reservist. He first served as an infantry soldier, specializing in reconnaissance activities. He later moved into military intelligence as an analyst and field operator. His professional experience includes several operational deployments, notably in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan. He is now dedicated to training and mentoring the next generation of Canadian military intelligence.

As a graduate in business administration from the Faculty of Business Administration at Université Laval, he has always been concerned about safety issues affecting Canadian travellers. Tom brings his experience and expertise to Aléas to dig deeper into these issues.

Tom supports Aléas in training and in the analysis of organizational risk management processes by providing consulting services to Canadian organizations opening offices abroad. He acts as an advisor on all matters related to safety and plays a leading role in the updating of Aléas’ products and services.

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