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Sonia Sauvette

Sonia has over 14 years of experience in transportation, logistics and project management. Her mandates have led her to work with people from all walks of life, in North America and Europe. In her roles as Project Manager, she used her communication, writing and training skills to adapt her proposals to different contexts, taking into account the specific needs and constraints of her clients. Her numerous professional challenges have allowed her to sharpen her analytical and creative mind to design innovative solutions. Her master’s degree in sociology gives her the necessary tools to decipher and understand the processes she studies.

Sonia left the business world to travel around Central America for a year. Upon her return, she published a book on her experience and completed a Certificate in International Cooperation at the University of Montreal. Her training and her personal and professional background position her halfway between the world of private companies and international cooperation.

Sonia is known for her rigour, her leadership and her ability to listen. As Assistant Director, she brings her organizational skills and her ability to question the obvious in order to move forward.

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