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Karine Riverin

Karine brings to the Aléas team 15 years of experience from several sectors of the international tourism industry. This April Fortier College tourism graduate has developed her skills working with carriers, travel agencies, tour operators and hotels.

Karine lived in Mexico for several years. There she learned Spanish and discovered an ease for communication. She has given presentations to groups of up to 50 people and handled situations that require composure and initiative. She has dealt with numerous emergencies such as imprisonments, robberies, disappearances, and hurricanes. She has worked in health and safety prevention in several hotels and tourist sites, where she was in charge of inspection and evaluation.

Karine has been accompanying and advising travellers for many years. Through her knowledge of constraints and unforeseen events, she informs them and raises their awareness of international travel risks. After several years of travelling the world, she has acquired excellent adaptation and intercultural communication skills. Her professional and personal path have allowed her to develop her sales, customer service and leadership skills.

It was only natural for Karine to join Aléas as the person responsible for the helpline and technical support. Her listening skills and empathy are among the qualities she brings to her new role.

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